The ultimate guide to buying a wig from a reliable wig company

As we all know, buying a wig for the first time is quite overwhelming and confusing ad there is a massive collection of wigs in the market ranging from cheap synthetic wigs to expensive hand-tied wigs, consisting of a large spectrum of colors and also in a variety of lengths and shapes which makes it more challenging to choose. But our wig company provides a reliable service to help our customers meet their expectations, and the ultimate goal is to find a wig that reflects their personality and style and to make this dream true we are here to help you with this guide:

1.Hair type

While choosing a wig, you must keep the hair type in your mind that suits your hair, such as synthetic or human hair. Both these hair types have pros and cons, so we need to think precisely to make a perfect choice for ourselves.

Human hair

Human hair wigs are made of natural human hair, making them more durable and reliable as they are heat friendly, can be styled into any shape, and require low maintenance. For more variety, there are two categories of human hair such as European hair and Asian hair.

The demand for European hair in the market is 2%, whereas Asian hair has a demand of 98%, which is more than half of the demand compared to European hair.

  • European premium hair wigs are rare. Due to this, they belong to the luxury categories of the wig as they provide a natural look and can also last up to more than one year if used with proper care as these are manufactured and processed by the high-quality process.
  • Asian human hair wigs mainly obtain their hair from china, India, Vietnam, and Mongolia, but China has the most significant contribution of 90% in human hair wig companies, and this hair is obtained by two methods such as
  • Floor hair
  • Remy ponytails

Pros: there is a massive collection of human hair wigs, but they look more natural than synthetic hair fibers, and also they have intact cuticles as a single donor provides it.

Cons: as these wigs have high-quality human hair and have a high quality of manufacturing, sourcing, and processing, so they are pretty expensive as compared to other wigs.

Synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs are a go-to product as they can be right after taking it out from the box and are also affordable than human hair wigs. But these wigs do not last long and are limited to a small number of styles. These wigs have more sheen, which makes them look less natural. If you cannot buy a premium one, buying a synthetic one is a good option because it requires less maintenance.

Pros: these wigs are affordable and ready to wear

Cons: these wigs do not give a natural look as they are made of synthetic fiber, even with kanekalon fibers.

2.Right cap construction

Cap construction has an essential role in the wig setting as it affects your comfort, style and prefers your hairline and how you part your hair. Your natural hair growth and shape help you find a perfect cap; if you suffer from significant hair loss, then you need a cap that offers excellent grip and security. Following are the types of cap constructions:

  • Lace front

This type of cap constriction has a piece of lace ventilated on the forehead that forms a seamless hairline and is also translucent to make it blend with your natural skin tone. The wig hair is directed away from the face to give a natural look.

  • Closed front

This type of cap construction has under ventilation that helps it integrate with natural hair, and it is specially made for wearing bangs or side fringe.

2.Tops of cap construction:

Following are the types of tops:

  • French top
  • Monofilament top
  • Lace top

Back of wig

  • Hand-tied back
  • Machine weft back

3.Face shape

Face shape plays an essential role in choosing a wig, but it does not play a key role in synthetic wigs; these are pre-styled and ready to wear. The wigs length usually ranges from 5 inches to 16 inches, but the hair length usually depends on comfort, lifestyle, and style. There are three categories from wig length such as

  • Short wigs: these wigs frame the face and usually of the length of the nape of the neck.
  • Medium length wigs: these wigs usually falls at the shoulder
  • Long-length wigs: These have length past shoulders and almost fall at the mid-back, maybe 16 inches or more.

It does not limit the style as these wigs can be cut and colored according to your preference, especially human hair wigs.

4.Your bio hair

If you are a wig to increase the density of your bio hair, then go for a hair that maintains the consistency; also, keep the color in your mind; for example, select a brown hair if you have red hair, but if you do not have natural hair then using a natural human hair might feel heavy at first but it gives a natural look. Synthetic hair wigs are light weighted, but the sheen makes them look unnatural than human hair.

5.Select a color

If you are buying a synthetic, then you have the option to try it so you can look at which color looks better on you before buying it. But if you are indecisive, then try on different colors and choose which makes you confident because choosing a color is all about your style and confidence,


Choosing a wig is a step to have your desired hair; the hair you wanted to have all this time, and perfect can make you more confident as it is an investment in your personality. Hence, our company helps you make you shine and help you become the one you want to be.

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