What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Ponytail Extensions?

Have you ever dreamed of creating the perfect ponytail good enough for a fashion magazine? Perhaps you’ve imagined yourself in Arianna Grande’s signature ponytail? But, every time you try to turn this dream into a reality, something backfires, and you just can’t get the right style? This is a common problem among so many people today. We all want the perfect ponytail but just can’t get it! However, there is one solution that makes everything easier: ponytail extensions.

Synthetic and human hair ponytail extensions have so many benefits, and they really are a staple if you love that kind of look. Are you confused about why they are so amazing? Here are some amazing benefits you get from wearing ponytail extensions:

  • Adds Length and Volume:

The biggest problem people have when it comes to ponytails is the length and volume. Either the hair is too short or too thin for the perfect look. This is where synthetic or human hair ponytail extensions come in to save the day.

Take Uniwigs’s Irene as an example. This synthetic wrap-around ponytail extension is a whopping 32 inches long. You will never have to wait years or even months for a long and luscious ponytail. Simply place it where you like it and use the excess to wrap your ponytail and conceal the tie. Just like that, within a matter of minutes, you upgraded your hair to a long and beautiful look.

If 32 inches is a bit much and you’re leaning towards something shorter, Mila is a great option too. It still has a great length of 16 inches, so the ponytail will fall lightly around your shoulders depending on how high you place it. It does not compromise when it comes to volume either. With Mila, you’ll never have a bad hair day!

Putting your hair into a ponytail is pretty easy for some, but what about the wrap-around style? It can be confusing and tends to mess up the entire look. Sometimes, that piece of hair you left out just isn’t big enough. Luckily some synthetic or human hair ponytail extensions have a solution here too!

Uniwigs offers ponytail extensions that make the wrap-around ponytail much easier. With Lola, all you need to do is clip the ponytail into place and take the remaining piece, which is a bit longer and wrap it around the clipped in portion or hair tie if you used it to keep it secure.

Gloria is another great wrap-around ponytail extension style. This one is 26 inches long and will give you the beachy wave effect you have longed for. All you need to do is attach it to your existing ponytail, or however, you choose to put your hair back and tie the ponytail extension over it. This one has an extra bit of hair as well, which you can wrap around to conceal any flaws once the extension is secured. It’s even easier than it sounds!

  • Multiple Options:

The best part about synthetic or human hair ponytail extensions is the endless amount of looks you can create with them. There’s the wrap-around style, a braid, a ponytail with a different colour, and so much more. The only thing limiting you is your imagination because you don’t need to commit to a hair colour or apply heat to your natural hair at all.

Uniwigs’ colourful is the best way to experiment with colour. The ponytail extension fades into colour to give you an ombre effect. This will make your ponytail stand out even more than before. You can pick one of the colours Uniwigs offers, or you could dye your extension to whatever colour you like.

Ruby is another great option if you like experimenting with style. This is a ribbon bow clip in extension, so it is easy to put it in place and keep it fastened throughout the day. Once it’s in, you can leave the beautiful curls as is, or you can braid it and style it any way that you like. No matter what you do, you’re sure to have a fantastic hair day with Ruby.

  • The Perfect Ponytail Every Time:

Whether you’re picking a human hair ponytail extension or a synthetic one, it will always give you the perfect ponytail. You will never have to stress out or worry about your natural hair not having enough volume or being too short. Your ponytail extension is guaranteed to give you that luscious ponytail you’re looking for.

Take Uniwig’s Riley as an example. This 20-inch wig is just a straight and sleek, classy ponytail. You can never go wrong with that. All you need to do is secure it in place, and you’re good to go within a few minutes. Either tie your hair into a ponytail and let your natural hair bland into the ponytail extension or tie it back into a bun so that your natural hair gets concealed. No matter what you decide, this wig can never fail you.

If that’s too basic, Lilac is a colourful classic too. The beautiful colour on this 21-inch wig is bound to make a statement no matter where you wear it. Whether you choose to use it for a festival, a party, or even everyday casual wear, this extension is bound to give you the perfect ponytail with that beachy vibe that flatters everyone. Its pink and purple hues will bring out the best in you. Who doesn’t love a ponytail with a pop of colour anyway? Especially when it is so easy to make it look effortless all day.


Creating the perfect ponytail, no matter what the length, can be pretty tricky. Maintaining the length, having the right volume, and so many other factors determine how good your ponytail will look. Alas, not everyone has perfect hair but, ponytail extensions can definitely give you that illusion. So, you will never have to worry about a bad hair day or a messy and unattractive ponytail ever again. With Uniwigs, you will always have a stunning ponytail behind you that will surround you with compliments.

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