Affordable Hair Extensions for Beginners

Are you looking for a way to add extra volume or length to your hair? Have you always wanted to try out extensions but didn’t know where to start? We got you! The price range for hair extensions is pretty wide, and when you are overwhelmed by all the different type of hair extensions, it can be hard to make the first step. We collected some of our best affordable hair extensions for you down below that you could easily start with before making a bigger commitment. And if you have any questions as beginner, do not hesitate to drop a question in the comment section or check out our other articles on our blog.

Sparkling Shiny Hair Flairs – $9.99
clip-in or tinsel wire

Clip in hair extensions are definitely the easiest and most affordable ones to start with. They are a simple way to visually restore missing volume to your hair crown and they are the perfect choice even if you are only looking for and extra way to spice up your look. The 12-colors clip in sparkling shiny hair flairs extensions collection costs only $9.99 and will make you stand out from the crowd for sure. They could be a perfect addition to a festival set, to a birthday party or even just a casual day out with the girls. Rocking these twinkly multicolored sunbursts will get your hair style the attention it deserves! And the application is just as easy as putting on a regular hair clip.

Joanna – $9.80
single piece; tape-in

The Joanna single tape-in remy human hair extensions are great and affordable choice if you want to add extra volume to your hair that lasts for weeks. Plus, you can use it as a color swatch as well if you don’t want to use dye to add highlights to your hair. Since it is 100% hand-tied human hair, it offers a very natural look and you can treat and style it the way you normally do with your real hair, so it a great option if you want something that completely merges with your hair—you can color and heat style it as you wish.

Tape-in hair extensions are easy to apply at home even if you are new to extensions, and very practical if you don’t have the time to devote to applying and taking it off every day—once you apply it, it can last up to 6-8 weeks. You just need to take a section of hair similar to the extension, making sure that you have a very clean line, place the tape on the sides, adjust it to follow your head shape and lay over a second piece of hair directly on top of the previous one and pinch it together. This will give a seamless and unnoticeable look to your extensions. You can check out our full tutorial on how to apply and remove them on our YouTube channel and if you want to know more about tape-in extensions, feel free to leave your questions down below!

Riley – $15.99
wrap around ponytail

If you love a smooth and sleek ponytail and looking for a quick way to enhance this hairstyle, take a look at the Riley wrap around synthetic ponytail extension. This will help you create a volumized look in just minutes and you will be ready to go and slay the day from office hours to a night out. And even though it is synthetic, this wrap is still heat resistant up to 300 °F so feel free to style it the way want to. Do you prefer a wavy or a straight ponytail? Let us know in the comments down below!

The application is as easy as the name suggests. Just insert its clip at the base of your actual ponytail and wrap it tightly around. And if you feel like you need to secure the wrap around your natural hair and don’t know where all of your bobby pins disappeared again, there is no need to worry, the pack actually includes four brand new ones for you.

Rachel – $69.89
halo with transparent wire and optional clips

If you were afraid to try extensions before because you have a sensitive scalp, the Rachael halo synthetic hair extensions would be a great choice for you. It adds instant volume to your hair, but lightweight and soft to touch which makes it very comfortable and easy to wear. It comes with a transparent wire that will blend in seamlessly with your real hear and you can also adjust it to fit your head shape for a more satisfying application. And if you feel like you need more security, you can use the clips included in the package. These are optional and removable. It is very easy to apply and remove, but you can check out our quick video on how to wear halo extensions here to make you more comfortable before try it for the first time.

Ariel – $79.90
5 pieces; clip-in

As mentioned before, clip-ins in general are a very easy start for you to play around with extensions and adding quick volume to your hair. They are very simple to apply, adjust and remove at the end of the day. If you have straight hair and looking for a way to freshen up your hairstyle, check out the Ariel classic clip-in synthetic natural straight hair extensions that will be a long term investment for your daily looks. Although it is made from synthetic fiber, the texture is natural straight. Meaning it still has that natural form to it like your actual hair without straightening, so it will blend in perfectly with your hair. But if you like to change up your style every now and then, you have nothing to worry about. These extensions withstand heat up to 180 °F so you can still style it the way to want. The five fabric-stitched clip-in pieces that come in this package are also a great option to give back life to your volume-less roots if that is something you are looking for.

With UniWigs hair extensions you can get instant glamorous new looks in just minutes. As you can see above, these human and synthetic pieces are all easy to handle, comfortable to wear and will blend in naturally with your real hair. If you want to change up your hair style, or just want to add some volume or length to your hair, these will be a perfect affordable solution without any hassle.

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