Mask friendly hairstyles – fun and pretty!

Today we’re going to talk about hairstyles that can help your mask wearing experience be that much better. So we need to wear masks, obviously. The epidemic is not gone yet, so everyone needs to protect themselves. So here are some little hacks that will help just make it easier, these tips will allow you to say goodbye to the discomfort you feel in your ears after wearing a mask all day. Maybe get the elastic straps off, your ears give you a little something extra that you can do with it. And then some hairstyles that also go with the mask really well, get the hair up and out of your face, but also look really cute at the same time.

Two small clips fix everything

Choose two small clips that you like, preferably small bobby pins that are suitable for side hair clips.

So if you’re trying to give your ears a break, and you want a cute little hairstyle to go with it, you can always use these clips to hold your mask in place instead of using your ears. You must rarely go out during an epidemic because you have to wear a mask, and many girls skip the makeup step. If you’re too lazy to wash your hair today or want to tie it up, here’s a tip for a tighter, non-loose ponytail.

Buy a Bobby Hair Pins and a regular hair tie. Separate the hair pins and thread the hair tie through the hairpin, as shown in the picture. Tie your hair into a ponytail, use one of the hairpins to go through the middle of the braid, wrap the hair tie around the bundle, and when you feel it’s just right, pin the other hairpin into the root of the bundle.

This hair tying technique is very suitable for those girls whose hair volume does not match their hair tie. The tightness of the hair tie is usually fixed, but the volume of a girl’s hair varies from person to person, a proper hair tie can reduce the pain you feel when tying the ponytail.

Then still use two hairpins of your choice to clip the lanyards of the masks to the hair on either side of your ears. A muzzle-friendly hairstyle with hair pinned is now available.

A hairband solves all problems

Many fashionistas use hair bands to enhance their look. If you want the easiest way to reduce the discomfort of wearing a mask over your ears, taking a hairband must be the best option. Just hang the lanyard of the mask on the ends of the hairband.

Double ponytail braid, playful and cute

Have you ever thought that a double ponytail braid also has the function of wearing a mask? It’s not really limited to double ponytail braids. Any hairstyle that has a left or right side has this feature. You can tie the hair on both sides into two buns, or a more versatile hairstyle.

Have you mastered the above tips? If you have any exclusive muzzle-friendly hairstyles, please leave a comment and let us know. If you need more hair inspiration, please click

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