How To Make Your Middle Part Lace Front Wig Look Natural

The very essence of wearing a wig is so that you can refine your appearance. Wigs are meant to enhance or refresh your look which is why it is very important to get everything right about how you can wear your wig. I’m sure we have all encountered a case of a wig that just wasn’t installed correctly. Everything barely looks pleasant to the eye no matter how decent the quality of the wig might be. We will look at how you can attain a natural-looking middle part lace front wig and also the things to avoid if you want to get the best look.

Pluck your wig

Most of the wigs we buy come with an even density of hair throughout the wig. However, this is not how our natural hair looks. We have baby hair and a relatively low hair density at the hairline compared to the middle part of the head and the back. The first thing you ought to check is how the density of your wig is at the middle part and hairline. You can use your tweezer to gently pluck out some hair to attain a more realistic part and hairline. If you are not familiar with how to do this process, it is commendable that you go to a salon and get help from a professional hairstylist.

Cut the lace to your size

One thing that should never happen to anyone is mistakenly cutting the lace too close. Before you begin to cut your lace, first ensure that the wig is set in the right place you want it to be. Check the back and the front part of the wig and make sure the middle part is correctly placed. Cut the lace from the middle of your forehead and always be attentive not to cut it too close or to cut off some of the baby hair. Some prefer not to have baby hair but it is commendable to keep it as it helps in making your hair look more natural.

Use something to blend it

The lace front might be beige or transparent. Whatever the case might be, you have to use your concealer and face powder to color the middle part and hairline. This ensures that your scalp and the lace front blend easily. If you are not really into makeup, you can purchase a concealer and face powder specifically for this one purpose because different shades would literally be announcing to the whole world that you are wearing a wig on and that’s not really what we desire.

Buy the right size

It is always best that you get a wig that perfectly fits. If it is a little loose, you can use adjustable straps to secure it, but if it is small that would be a waste. It is as simple as measuring your head so that you also check the cap size when you buy your wig.

Flatten your natural hair

If you are a person who wears wigs regularly, I’m sure you know how it looks when your hair is not properly laid down. If you are wearing a curly wig, the bumps might be concealed but for the rest of the wigs, the outcome is undesirable. You can try out a low bun or cornrows depending on the length and density of your hair. My personal favorite is cornrows and a stocking cap to ensure that no loose ends pop out. This helps in giving a natural look to your hair as it looks like it’s coming out of your scalp. It is also important that you braid your cornrows from the middle part going out. There shouldn’t be a braid at the middle part so as to not have a bump at the middle part and also that your scalp will directly blend with the lace.

Bleach the knots of your wig

If you pay attention, you will notice that most wig knots are too visible because of the high contrast between the lace front color and the hair itself. To achieve a natural-looking lace front on your middle part you should bleach the lace front but not for long because the hair might turn orange.

Now that we have covered how we can make our middle part lace front wig look natural, we will move on to look at some of the practices that make middle parts look unrealistic.

Some of these points are a contrast to what we have covered already. Firstly, it should be made of natural-looking hair. Some synthetic wigs have really shiny hair and it would be good if you apply some baby powder to them to reduce the unnatural shine. Secondly, investing in a good wig is another option. If possible, get a high-quality synthetic hair wig or a 100% human hair wig. Your efforts will not go to waste, unlike when you use a poor quality wig that can not be redeemed, it is important to get a wig that has some good qualities so that you have somewhere to start. In addition, loose hairstyles or hair should not be kept that way as you wear your wig. You can go for flat hairstyles if your hair is dance and curly or you can simply tie a low bun if you have silky hair so as to get the most natural look.

Achieving a natural-looking middle part lace front wig is not rocket science if you master the basics. When you buy your wig, take some time to look at some of the ways you can easily attain a natural look especially on your middle part. You might not get it right the first tie but as we all know, practice makes perfect. Keep on trying and get some help if you need any. We have covered some really easy steps to follow in this article, we know you got this.

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