A Beginners Guide to Choosing and Caring for a Wig

The interesting thing about wigs is that they can transform your look in seconds. Also, because they are so easy to wear, style, and maintain, you can decide to have a different look every other day. The wig industry has continued to experience a major boom and it’s no surprise. Every woman needs at least one good wig in her fashion closet, and the men are fast coming on board as well. So many celebrities these days invest in a lot of wigs to spice up their everyday look. The good thing is that there are wigs for different price ranges to take your look from ordinary to iconic.

If you are a newbie to wearing wigs, it is quite understandable if you have a few questions on the best wigs to suit you and what to look out for while purchasing. From Remy hair extensions to ponytail wigs, there are several options and Uniwigs will give you insights on the basic knowledge you need to have about wigs.

Different Wig Styles

As mentioned earlier, the good thing about wigs is that there are different styles to choose from. From full lace wigs to lace fronts and even 360 lace wigs, be sure to dig in and find out what suits you and/or the occasion.

Lace front wigs are made with lace on the wig cap in front. This makes it easy for them to blend with your scalp for a better fitting. These are usually one of the least expensive wigs. Full lace wigs have mesh lace not only in front but also at the sides. This enables the wearer to have different styling options. While 360 lace wigs on Uniwigs have lace that goes around the head, giving the wearer an option of styling it into a natural-looking ponytail.

Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs

You must have heard of both synthetic and human hair wigs and might be wondering the distinctive differences between the two. As the name implies, human hair wigs tend to look more like our natural hairs while synthetic wigs are factory-made wigs.

Synthetic wigs are quite cheaper than human hair Remy wigs. They tend to maintain their shape and style for longer than human hair. This makes them more appropriate for a certain style of wigs, however, they are shiny and artificial-looking, unlike their human hair counterparts.

Human Hair Wigs like the Remy wigs on Uniwigs are more expensive than synthetic hair and require more maintenance to keep their style. They are more versatile to style and can be colored. They can also be blow-dried, unlike synthetic wigs.

Whatever type of wig you choose to purchase, Uniwigs has a wide range of styles and colors to suit your preferences.

How to Care for Your Wigs

Knowing the best ways to care for your wig collection to keep them looking plump and healthy always is very essential. After investing some money on your Remy’s hairs, it wouldn’t be nice if they do not last or stand the test of time. The below tips will help you care for your wigs better.

  • Store wigs on a Mannequin or Hair hanger to ensure to get a good wig mannequin or a hair hanger to keep your wigs when you are not wearing them. This will keep them safe and help maintain their shapes.
  • Do not expose your wigs to excessive sunlight and dust. This will help them maintain their lustre.
  • Wash your wigs properly with good and recommended shampoos and conditioners before storing them. However, do not over wash them. Once a week is okay to keep them shining and revitalized.
  • Use good hair care products that will not damage your wigs.

Styling Your Wigs.

To give yourself a new fresh look, you might want to style your wigs regularly. This sometimes means that you will blow dry them or use a straightener. Kindly ensure to not subject them to excessive heat though, to make them last longer. The advantage of Remy hairs is that they can always be restyled to restore their look to when you first got them. Choose a style that suits your face and personality, especially if it is an everyday wig and not just for an occasion.

Usually, good quality wigs will sit firmly on your head but sometimes you might need to use pins, clips, or even glue depending on the style of wig. It is necessary to make your hair into cornrows or any flat-looking style before you were your wigs. This will make them sit properly on your head and give you a better fit. You should also use wig caps to flatten your hair and for hygienic purposes before putting on your wig.

Choosing a Wig from Uniwigs

The good thing about Uniwigs is that there are so many styles and options to choose from. As someone seeking to up your wig game, you might be wondering where to start. Uniwigs have different styles ranging from ponytail pieces, clip-in extensions, and full Remy hair extensions in different colours. You can also shop based on the color you prefer. There are synthetic wigs and human hair wigs in various styles and lengths on the website. All wigs are of premium quality, and you are guaranteed value for your money. Being new to the wig world, you might want to start with styles that look like our natural everyday style. You can also purchase more daring styles and colors if you’re looking to start with something unique. Whatever you decide, Uniwigs has a wig to suit your style and mood.

Getting to own a wig collection doesn’t have to be so difficult. Wigs are very comfortable and are trending, it is only wise to invest in some good ones. The above basic information on types and styles of wigs and how to care for them will help guide you as you start your wig journey. Uniwigs is always here to help you look your best.

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