How to Make Hair Toppers Look Perfect

Feeling puzzled about how to make your new hair toppers look flawless like the photos you’ve seen online? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In this guide, we’ll unveil the secrets to achieving a stunning look with your hair topper. We’ll take you through the process, step by step, so you can confidently rock your new accessory.

The Initial Impression of Hair Toppers

When your long-awaited hair topper finally arrives and you eagerly unbox it, it’s natural to feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. In those first moments, you’ll likely be pleased with several aspects of your new hairpiece. The quality of the hair itself often stands out immediately. It’s meticulously designed to offer both style and stability.

So, you’ve received your hair topper and unboxed it. It’s likely that you find the hair quality, texture, and overall construction of the base impressive. However, after putting it on, you may notice that it doesn’t quite look right. It might appear a bit flat and not meet your expectations. But here’s the thing – they often require some work right out of the box.

However, as you set your hair topper atop your head, you may notice that something isn’t quite as you envisioned. But here’s the essential point to remember: achieving that perfect, natural look often requires a bit of work, and it’s a process that involves skilled styling to seamlessly blend the topper with your hair. So, don’t be discouraged by that initial impression – the transformation is yet to come.

Understanding the Magic of Styling

Before you start to worry, remember this: those jaw-dropping before-and-after photos you saw on the website were achieved through some expert styling. Toppers don’t usually come perfectly styled, especially if they lack layers or face-framing.

They’ll start by cutting the lace to match your hairline and then assess how to blend the topper seamlessly with your bio hair. This process is akin to working with a blank canvas, and the stylist’s expertise comes into play here.

Why a Salon Visit Matters

While you might be tempted to take scissors into your own hands, we strongly recommend taking your topper to a salon. And it doesn’t necessarily require someone with prior experience to style a topper effectively.

A salon visit matters significantly when it comes to styling your hair topper for several crucial reasons. Firstly, the expertise of a professional stylist can make a world of difference in achieving a natural and seamless look. Stylists are trained to understand different hair textures, colors, and styles, which is essential for blending your topper with your bio hair effectively.

Secondly, taking your hair topper to a salon ensures that any necessary adjustments are made without risking damage to the piece. To achieve a flawless look, cutting the lace, blending the topper, and styling it requires precision. Visiting a salon is a crucial step in the process of investing in your confidence and satisfaction when wearing a hair topper.

The Styling Process of Hair Toppers

So, what can you expect during your salon visit? The stylist will start by cutting the lace and then examine the topper alongside your bio hair. It’s crucial to note that once the topper has been cut, it’s no longer eligible for return, so trust your stylist’s expertise.

When you visit a salon for topper styling, the journey typically begins with the removal of the lace that attaches the topper to your head. This step is crucial as it allows the stylist to assess the topper’s base and its compatibility with your existing hair. The experienced stylist will then examine your bio hair and the topper, determining the best way to blend them seamlessly.

Once the initial assessment is complete, the stylist will proceed to blend the topper with your bio hair. This involves cutting and shaping the topper to match the length and style of your natural hair. A skilled stylist will have the expertise to create layers and texture, ensuring the topper looks like a natural extension of your own locks. The final result should be a beautifully styled hair topper that enhances your overall appearance and gives you the confidence to wear it proudly.

Styling Time and Cost of Hair Toppers

Wondering about the time and cost involved? It took the stylist an hour to wash, cut, and style the model’s bio hair, blend the topper, and create a beautiful finished look. The total cost for the haircut and blending was $55, but remember that prices can vary based on your location.

When it comes to styling your topper, the investment of time and money is relatively modest compared to the transformative results you can achieve. In this example, it took the stylist approximately one hour to complete the entire styling process. This includes washing, cutting, and styling the model’s bio hair, as well as blending the topper seamlessly with her natural hair.

The Stunning Result with Hairpieces

The UniWigs Claire topper looked natural – to the point that nobody could tell it wasn’t the real hair. Achieving this level of confidence and beauty is what makes hair toppers such an incredible accessory.

After the salon visit and the expert styling session, the transformation is nothing short of astonishing. The topper seamlessly blended with the natural hair, creating an illusion so convincing that it would leave anyone guessing. The magic of proper styling turned the topper into a flawless extension of the natural hair, and the end result was sheer perfection.

Hairpieces have the incredible potential to enhance your appearance and boost your self-esteem. When styled with care and precision, they can become your secret weapon for achieving a stunning, natural look that no one would ever suspect isn’t entirely your own.

The right stylist is essential for a flawless look with your topper. Find someone experienced in blending and styling alternative hair, even if it’s not a specialized salon. This will ensure that your topper complements your natural hair seamlessly, giving you the confidence to wear it proudly.

If you need help styling your topper, feel free to ask. It can greatly improve your appearance with the right approach.


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