Does Nancy Pelosi wear a wig?

The two-time house speaker and the first woman to lead a political party in Congress, Nancy Pelosi, is an inspiration for many. She has been on the ‘Speaker’s seat since 2019, running the parliamentary procedures of a male-dominated U.S. assembly.

Apart from her professional success, what makes her stand out from the rest is her signature look. Her nicely styled brown hair with streaks and fabulous outfits make her look classy and sophisticated.

Now, some people might wonder whether the beautiful brown hair is her own or if she wears a wig. Also, being in her eighties, losing hair volume and texture is possible. That further raises the question of whether the hair is her own.

Does Nancy Pelosi wear a wig?

There is no definite answer to this. Most people believe her hair volume is all-natural. But, some say that it is not the case. However, the majority opinion states that her hair indeed is her own.

Nancy does dye her hair regularly. It is sometimes light blonde, and other times she rocks a lovely balayage. Belonging to a public profession, it is almost inevitable that she looks polished and put together at all times.

Nancy Pelosi is eighty-two years old, and the signs of ageing come with this age. To keep grey hair at bay and look young and classy at this age, Nancy prefers to get her hair dyed to a darker color. In short, her hair color might be artificial, but the hair itself isn’t.

On the contrary, some netizens still believe that Nancy wears a wig. Though there are no reasons to back this claim, some people call her hair ‘plastic’ and ‘fake.’

Job requirements of being a politician

Being a parliamentary speaker, Nancy has a traditional role in her career. Politicians are always under the public’s eye, so they must maintain decorum in their behavior and dress. The same is the case with Nancy. She has to look presentable for meetings and sessions.

Hair is an integral part of everyone’s personality. This requirement is elevated when one is in a ‘Public’ profession. The public supports parties based on their policies, but politicians who look put together are thought to be more disciplined and aware.

With her beautiful hair and classy formal dresses, Nancy appeals to the audience as ‘beauty with brains’. Being in the public eye comes with its share of perks and demerits, and politicians surely know how to attract the general public.

Nancy Pelosi’s achievements

As a champion of women’s rights, Nancy sought to ensure women get as much pay as men when they do the same job. Being a member of the Democratic Party, Nancy has many achievements under her belt.

Nancy passed the ‘affordable care act’, ‘Tobacco regulation’, ‘Student loans aid’ and ‘Food safety modernization act’ to name a few. She is a powerhouse of talent and authority regarding being the parliamentary Speaker.

In addition, she passed bills for raising the minimum wage and hate crime prevention in the 110th Congress meeting. She has a record of passing many ‘Public benefit’ bills while being the Speaker.

Pelosi’s famous signature look

Nicknamed ‘Petunia,’ Nancy Pelosi is as stylish as she is intuitive. Being a state representative, her signature look is formal yet elegant. Being in her eighties, she still looks youthful and juvenile.

Her signature outfits are primarily solids, brightly colored shirts and dress pants. Being a formal representative, she prefers donning blazers and suits paired with fitted pants or knee-length shirts.

Nancy is also called a ‘fashion icon’ by many, thanks to her impeccable outfits. On top of that, her perfectly styled hair and light makeup make her seem less than a fashionista with intellect.

The author Barbara Ehrenreich once tweeted about Nancy, saying,” How do you retain your perkiness with a lifestyle that involves no sleep or exercise? Is surgery necessary? And where did you get that fantastic red dress?” this shows her fashion style is on par with her career choice.

The public bashed Nancy Pelosi for going to a hair salon without a mask 

Recently Nancy came under the radar after visiting a hair salon with a mask. She visited an indoor salon in San Francisco during peak COVID time. In San Francisco, coronavirus restrictions are still in place.

CCTV footage of Nancy walking into the salon without wearing a mask caused a lot of public backlash. The Republicans criticized her for being a hypocrite. The outspoken lawmaker and humanitarian Nancy came under fire for breaching COVID rules.

Nancy now claims she was ‘set up by the salon owner. After the video came under scrutiny for violating COVID rules, Nancy claimed it to be an act of defamation against her. No matter the case, she can be seen in the video getting her hair done in an indoor salon.

Someone as famous as the Speaker should be careful enough to follow the rule and be an example for the public. The leaked CCTV footage is doing rounds on the internet and attracting many negative comments.

Pelosi’s famous outfits with matching masks 

Talk about being a style icon; Nancy Pelosi does it just right. Since COVID came, Nancy has been wearing funky masks and matching them with her outfits. Learn from Nancy to live through a pandemic with style.

The house speaker’s matching masks with all her outfits are the highlights of the year 2020. From orange printed asks with tangerine-colored blazers to checkered masks with bright yellow dresses, Nancy did live through the pandemic with style.

The brightly colored masks also made a political statement, as most of her political opponents never bothered wearing them.

 Some netizens still believe that Pelosi wears a wig

Some netizens still believe that Nancy Pelosi wears a wig despite all the reasons. In today’s World, high-quality wigs are available that look like natural hair. So, despite Nancy’s hair looking all-natural and undone, some people believe she wears wigs.

One comment on her hair said, ‘Of course, she wears a wig; nothing about her is natural’. Hence, you can be the best judge of whether she wears a wig or not. Being in the public eye, she commonly receives backlash or praise for her physical outlook.

In short, it does not matter if someone wears a wig. In front of the camera, Nancy must look put together and appealing to the audience. In addition, the nature of her work requires mental strength and attractive physical looks.


So, no matter what one is, it is a fact that under all of Nancy’s hair is a fantastic brain. Nancy looks ravishing in whatever she wears. Carrying such classy outfits and a splendid haircut at her age that she is not an easy task.

She is also known for working for the middle class of America and speaking for Women’s rights. Hence, whether she wears a wig or not, she still stands tall as the current Speaker of the U.S. parliament.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi’s hair is all-natural, or does she wear a wig?

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