What is the best treatment for female pattern baldness?

Do you face a downfall in your hair volume? Is your hair parting is getting wide day by day? Then you must be going through Female pattern hair loss. It is a condition that affects millions of women around the world in the shape of unusual hair thinning and frequent hair loss. Around 50 to 100 hair shedding per day is normal but falling more than that can be triggering for you. Women generally recede hair from temples and crowns resulting in pattern baldness and empty patches. If you generally feel an unusual decrease in volume and hair getting thinner day by day then you must be facing Female pattern baldness.

Causes of Female pattern baldness

It is generally caused by a female endocrine condition or a frequent change in hormones, an unusual mental/physical stress or an,y another blood disease that causes lack of Vitamin D – Hence female pattern baldness is sometimes reversible and sometimes it’s not! Within an accelerating period of 3 to 6 months, it can get severe and would take almost 6 to 18 months to get recovered.

The best treatment for female pattern baldness

Mostly female pattern baldness is non reversible, but different treatments could be done to grow some hair back on the scalp whether via surgical or non-surgical methods

Minoxidil is the best medicine so far that is used for the treatment of baldness in both men and women. It is applied directly to the scalp every day to reduce hair fall and stimulate the growth of new hair follicles.

Iron deficiency could be the cause of hair loss in most women. Therefore, oral iron supplements or iron injectables are prescribed for treating FPHL.

3.Surgical treatment
Laser treatment or hair transplantation is considered as the quickest solution but a very costly solution of hair thinning in women. Surgeons usually remove a part of hair from the saturated part of the scalp and transplant that hair on the area where hair loss has occurred, in a way that hair starts growing naturally.

4.Nonsurgical treatment
The most effective, quickest, and cheapest solution to every hair-related problem in women is hair wigs and hair toppers for thinning hair. Uniwig has brought a few astoundingly amazing hair topper styles to bring you a unique look with a full head of all shiny and smooth hair that could last for a very long time if cared for properly. Easy clip-in hair toppers and lace top stick-on hair wigs are considered the best solution so far for female pattern baldness.

Few best hair extensions for FPHL

1.Melanie | Mono top Remy human hair topper
A fantastic solution for hair thinning problems in women is presented by UniWig to bring you an amazing hairstyle and a full head of beautiful hair. Melanie human hair topper is an incredible top piece of 8.5″ * 9″ large base. It has astounding ability to completely merge up in your original hair and give a voluminous boost and gorgeous coverage at the crown of the head. Available in different lengths, textures, and colors with extra breathable fabric and wefted back to create a perfect illusion of all-natural growing innately from your scalp.

2.Emily | Full Hand-tied Mono Remy human hair topper
A perfect piece of hair topper for women who are facing progressive hair fall of beginning or mid-stage to hide their pattern baldness named Emily – delicately designed by Uni wig to bring an amazing strength and glamour in your hairstyle that could pair up with any of your favourite outfits. 100% hand-tied monofilament base that creates a natural hair look with easy parting from anywhere you want. 120% dense Emily is available in various shades and 2 different lengths to give an extraordinary merge up with your original hair.

3.Courtney | Mono part | Left part Remy Human Hair
A completely different type of human hair topper that is available in 3 different parting styles of left, right, and middle parting. You can choose the one which suits your face cut the most. Moreover, curtain bangs can also be added in left parting style to make it look extra gorgeous. The super reliable hand-tied monofilament base spans 1.5″ in width and 4″ in length that can be reduced in natural off-center side part style to make it extra affordable for everyone who wants to buy it and slay their look. Available in various shades and 2 different lengths to faultlessly match your style.

4.Amber | silk top human hair topper
To have a long-lasting nonsurgical solution of hair thinning, Amber is all set to give you a unique look of a voluminous hairstyle. It gives amazing coverage to the pattern bald areas on your scalp with forehead bangs that resolve, the issue of artificial-looking frontal hairline and silk top makes the knots completely invisible. Available in 5 different shades and 4 length options to decide your priorities accordingly.

5.Vickie | Mono top Remy human hair topper
To get seamless coverage and volume at the top and parting line of your scalp, Vickie is the thing that you need. A precisely designed natural-looking lace front with a super breathable monofilament top and incorporated with 4 pressure-sensitive clips to give it a secure fit. 5.5″ * 6″ large base size to add fullness in hair with a great add-up in volume and style. Available in 2 different length options. So, rush order this amazing piece of art from Uni-wig to solve all your hair thinning problems.

Almost every second women around the world are facing severe hair fall issues whether it is postpartum hair fall or due to menopause, whether it’s due to excessive stress or bad diet, whether it’s due to any disease or any internal deficiency – hair fall and hair thinning problems have taken over the main concern of many women. But these could be solved in a snap by wearing these supernatural and realistic human hair wigs that could give a completely striking look of beautiful hair nicely bouncing down over your face.

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